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I read Jim Pansie’s blog yesterday, and although I can agree with him in retrospect, that Nintendo did lock it all down as a whole package back in the day, through from the NES, right up to the N64 – I was a Sega baby. Not through choice, I had a Sega Master System II. No Mega Drive, not a Nintendo. I was the oldest, with a little brother and sister. Master System II was the most affordable to my parents. No big deal. I wasn’t a massive gamer anyway. I’m still not. I’l kick about on my brothers PS3 now and again. I have no need for a PS4 or Xbox One. I have no desire to camp out for the latest games when they first release. Gimme an hour on FIFA and i’m good for a few months.


Anyway. The Master System II had something none of those consoles had. A game built in. And not just any old game either. Alex Kidd in Miracle World. Years later I seen the Master System II still being sold in Woolworths – if y’all remember Woolworths – but it had Sonic 2 built in. Poor kids. No more big fists. No more rock, paper, scissors. There goes the neighbourhood.

I was a kid when I got this for christmas. I hadn’t even hit double figures, and I had never owned a console before. I think I had a few games along with it, alex_bigbut once I seen Alex Kidd I fell in love with his massive head. A pretty easy game, ideal for a non-gamer, single figure year old.

I entered a world filled with monster birds, monster frogs, poisonous fish, fruit throwing monkeys, a pretty pissed off ox and big red octopus – to name a few. Not to mention the boss and his smaller bosses. That’s right to complete this game I needed to beat Janken the Great. But first his three cronies along the way.
alexkidddddddStone Head, Scissors Head and Paper Head. Not in a bloody battle to the death. No, fuck that. All I had to do was beat them at rock, paper, scissors. A game of chance. But. BUT. But you can cheat! Just buy a Telepathy Ball from the shop and it allows you to see what your opponent is thinking. Eat your heart out Derren Brown. There’s a load of shit you can buy in the shop, but my personal favourite was the Cane of Flight. The Cane. Of Flight.

Taking you across 12 different levels before you can knock the game off. No free roaming of the worlds. No hidden missions. Do your job, and get the fuck out of dodge. Across land, water and skies. On foot. Some swimming, on a motorbike and even a few helicopter rides. With some of the craziest looking villains, Alex Kidd took you on a wonderful journey. Just make sure you have enough coins to buy a motorbike before The Blackwoods or you’re doomed.


Not too hard, not too easy. Alex Kidd in Miracle World – I salute you.


  1. No mention of eating a burger at the end of the level? 😀

    By the way, did anyone ever do Level 2 without the motorbike?

    1. He did love a burger. Level 2 was impossible without a bike! I know I never found a way anyway.

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