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So last night I seen a post on LadBible that got me thinking. It wasn’t a post about some guy who indulged a little too much in booze or narcotics and done something crazy. No. This post generated butterflies in my stomach, kind of like when you finally decide on what you want for Christmas and realise that it’s actually possible you may get it.

This post was a simple picture of my hero. Number 8. Steven Gerrard with a caption that read along the lines of ‘Imagine Gerrard came back to Liverpool during the January transfer window and Liverpool finally won the league’.


Now, let me point out a couple of things here for the balloon poppers out there:

1. Yes, we are only 7 games in to the season and it’s premature to say that Liverpool will be in with a shout. But 16 points from 7 games is better than the 6/7 points Liverpool fans are accustomed to at this point of the season. Someone gotta win it. 

2. Ok, he’s 36. But I still won’t have it that he couldn’t do a job coming off the bench to play behind a striker in the last 20 minutes of those games Liverpool should win but will usually draw 1-1.

3. Klopp won’t play him? – This is the fairy tale. Klopp would do exactly what Brendan should have done. He’d manage Stevie’s game time and use him as an impact player. At least that’s what I would do, and I’m a three time FM hall of famer.


This can’t be coincidence.

Bryan Robson won his only league title for Manchester United in his last season, in which he was mainly a substitute.

There are so many reasons that this should not happen, but this mans dream says that it can. Just imagine no.8 scoring the winning goal to seal the first Premier League Championship in Liverpool history against Middlesbrough, at a packed out Anfield on the last day of the season. The man would actually get to go out the way he deserved.

From the guy who, some might say, shamefully resigned as a Liverpool fan shortly after Gerrard left, this is how redemption would look.


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